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Austin McDaniel has represented me since 2009 when he succeeded in getting a felony meth charge (manufacture and distribution for possession of 1.3 grams) reduced to misdemeanor possession, with 5 years suspended to 3 years probation. My experience with Anderson County Probation was rough, to say the least. I never passed a drug screen there, I missed appointments and hearings and I got arrested for trafficking meth in another SC county. Austin stuck by me through every painful minute of the ordeal. When I got picked up and jailed in NC for an SC probation warrant in November 2011, Austin immediately saw that my PO had issued a defective warrant and got me home for Christmas. After I got sentenced on the trafficking charge, Austin was able to get the Anderson court to agree to terminate my probation there in April 2014, rather than accept a probation violation sentence that would run concurrently with my trafficking sentence. My sentence for trafficking was vacated in June 2015, but that would have made no substantive difference for me if Austin hadn't got my probation terminated. I'd still be in prison serving out the 5 years. I've had a whole range of attorneys represent me, and I can truly say that Austin McDaniel is one of the very finest. He has stuck by me ever since I first signed my contract for representation and always been available to hear my questions and concerns. If you're in trouble with the law in SC, you need a lawyer and you better make sure that you get one who will honestly work to keep you out of jail rather than charge you a lot of money and let the state do whatever it wants. When you retain a criminal lawyer, you are putting your life, and your family's life in this person’s hands. You better find some one who's going to be honest with you and really fight for you. SC's rules of court give the state an enormous advantage in the criminal courts, and too many SC attorneys simply acquiesce to the state's broad powers. Defendants need some one with the guts and conviction it takes to play David to the state's Goliath every day. Lawyer McDaniel is one of the few in practice who will do that for his clients. Austin will treat you fairly, represent you with zeal, diligence and no small amount of skill; and he will stick by you always. - Frank D S.

I was falsely accused and arrested for night hunting for deer and drug possession. I had my truck and personal possessions confiscated from me that night. Mr. McDaniel stood by me and fought for me the entire time. We were forced to try the case to prove my innocence. Through the stress and pressure of the trial, Mr. McDaniel never waivered in his defense. He comforted me, and my family during the grueling and embarrassing process. The jury found me not guilty on both counts and all of the confiscated items were returned to me! Mr. McDaniel fought until the very end for me. - Tyson M.