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South Carolina Traffic Charges

South Carolina drivers know your rights. Many South Carolina residents have been issued a speeding ticket and simply paid the fine only to find out later that their insurance rates will increase substantially or that their driver’s license was suspended.  You have a right to have an experienced traffic attorney represent you on all South Carolina traffic charges.

It is important to know how many points certain moving violations carry, what the maximum fines are, and how those will affect your driver’s license and your insurance rates. Drives are unaware of the consequences of pleading guilty to speeding tickets and are not aware that many tickets can be reduced to lesser points and smaller fines that have no impact on your insurance.  Be aware that simply paying the fine online can suspended your driver’s license and in some cases create a Habitual Offender suspension, which can lead to years of license suspension and even jail time.

Out of State drivers ticketed in South Carolina can also face additional penalties in their home state from so called Super Speeder Statutes. Georgia and North Carolina residents ticketed for speeding in South Carolina can also face high fines and suspended licenses in those States in addition to South Carolina.  Do not find out the hard way, call me, C. Austin McDaniel, the experienced traffic attorney,   let him help you save your driver’s license.

C. Austin McDaniel handles traffic tickets in Anderson, South Carolina and surrounding counties, focusing on traffic enforcement on interstate 85 (I-85).

Traffic Ticket

Please call me for a free, confidential consultation if you have been charged with any of the following:

  • Driving Under Suspension, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd or subsequent offenses.
  • Speeding, 10 mph or less, more than 10 but less than 25, and 25 or more.
  • Too Fast For Conditions
  • Driving Left of Center
  • Failure to Move over for Emergencies Vehicles
  • Failure to Stop for Blue lights
  • Reckless Driving
  • Habitual Offender violations
  • Work Zone Violations


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Georgia drivers can be suspended for driving violations that occur in South Carolina. Please be careful before you plead guilty or pay a fine.

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North Carolina residents can face additional fine and suspension for speeding violations that occur in South Carolina. Know your rights before you pay a fine.

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